Friday, September 09, 2005

SAGE-AU 2005

Well its over my first SAGE-AU conference which was held at Rendezvous Observation City Hotel, Scarborough, Perth
from 5th to 9th September, 2005.

I was very impressed by the talks and walked away with alot of information which I hope to use back at work and own tickerings with all things tech.

Below is a list of the Tutorials that I attened

Planning, Deploying and Managing a Large Scale Linux Desktop Migration
(Nick Savvides)

Solaris 10 - Advanced Features for Sysadmins
(Scott Howard)

SAN 101
(Phillip Saunders)

SAN Disaster Tolerance
(Phillip Saunders)

There was also technical sessions which ran over thursday and friday here are the ones which I found pretty cool.

ADSL2: The Sequel
Simon Hackett, Internode

Catching Wardrivers at Work
Phillip Pudney

Virtual Linux Clustering for High Performance Computing
Nick Savvides

Social Engineering 101
Pete Calvert

Mac OS X and Active Directory Integration
Jennifer Walbank, Apple

WarBussing: The State of Wireless Security in a Cross Section of a Major Australian City
David Conran

The quiz night which was held on wednesday 7th was alot of fun I've never seen some many people get excited over a google jacket. Over $1800.00 was raised going towards a local perth charity.

The c
onference dinner was held at AQWA
on thursday the 9th got to see some nice marine tanks which made me want to get my own tank started asap.If anyone has any pics please feel free to send them through.

If you would your a sys admin who would like to join SAGE-AU check out there website.


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