Thursday, October 20, 2005


Well after months of waiting I finally have Landesk installed and running in production. After running a eval box from ASI all systems are go.

Had no issues during the server setup expect we had a issue with a default gateway on one of the network cards in the server. One is used on 8 VLAN and the other on our server Vlan being 11. The reason for this is that an application which runs on this box clients can only access it if its on the same vlan. After fixing that Landesk was able to perform a VLAN scan across our network , we then proceded to deploy the Landesk agents to all PC's. MAC's have not been done as of yet I'll need to check with JP and test on one of his test MAC's before we go live , but he's got things under control in that area already

I have alot of learning and reading & breaking to do before I can really become a expert in it, But one of the coolest things about Landesk is its simple to use. I must thank Beau from ASI for all his time and effort in setting up Landesk. If your interested in what Landesk can do drop me a line or check out there site here.


Blogger Saradhi said...


I am presently working with BMC Bladelogic 8.0 and intrested to learn Landesk.

Please help me with proper guidence for documents and materials.

please treat this an emergency and mail me at

thanks in advance

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