Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Landesk 8.7 Testing

Well I've finally setup my 8.7 Server in my test enviroment already I've noticed a big improvment in the AMT front , when scanning for the devices I did have to apply a series of patch's after installing my core server which I was told improved AMT features.

One thing which I couldn't get to work was watching the post screen during bootup (SOL) I was informed by Gavin (Landesk Regional Sales Engineer) that this was a feature which Lenovo has stripped from their Bios.Hopefully with Vpro this will be fixed and Lenovo will intergrate this into their Bios.

The agent configuration is diffrent from 8.6 now you have the option of configuring the Antivirus client which is supported in 8.7. A big thing for me is the Intel Mac client , I tried to install the default agent which comes with 8.7 on an Intel machine an it barfed.

With 8.6 you could install the client on a Intel Mac but remote control did not work either does trying to open the preferences panel. Landesk have informed me that they will be supporting the Intel Mac client with the release of SP1.

Other than that it's still early days of testing stayed tuned for further updates


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