Monday, July 21, 2008

VMware VCB Backup Issues

So I've got a few Vm's which are getting backed up via VCB via a Commvault Proxy (file level backups only). And I must say when it breaks it breaks wonderfully , troubleshooting it can be a tedious task , here are some things to check..

1. Make sure your HBA's have the lastest drivers.
2. Make sure your ESX Cluster has the latest patch's
3. LUN Masking and zoning information are correct ie the VCB Proxy host can see the same LUN's as the ESX cluster , and the LUN id's appear the same in windows as they are number in the array.
4. Also check your backup vendor has any updates/scripts for VCB (I didn't have to update these scripts yet , not until the cluster is on ESX 3.5


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