Thursday, December 04, 2008

CAM 6.2.0 is out

Whats new

  • Support for the new Sun StorageTek 6580 and 6780 arrays (7.30.xx.xx firmware)
  • Support for 7.15.xx.xx firmware for the Sun StorageTek 6140, 6540 and FLX380 arrays, with the following features
    • RAID 6 (6140 arrays only)
    • >2TB LUN Support (varies by operating system)
    • Portable Volume Groups
    • Batch Volume Operations
  • Support for 7.35.xx.xx firmware for the 2500 Series arrays with the following features:
    • Third Expansion Try (48-Drive) Cabling patch
    • RAID 6
    • 4, 8 and 16k Cache block sizes
    • >2TB LUN Support (varies by operating system)
    • Volume-Copy (optional)
    • Portable VDisks
    • Batch Volume Operations
    • Varying Cache Block size
    • IPV6 Support
    • Increased Number of Global Host Spares
    • Mixed Drive Support
  • 8k Cache Block Size
This release also supports Sun's other existing storage arrays, i.e. Sun Storage J4200 and J4400, Sun Blade 6000, Sun StorEdge 6130 and StorageTek FLX240 and FLX280 Arrays, but is not a required upgrade for those platforms.

You can grab it here


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