Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Landesk Training Day 2

Well after a busy day one and putting a close to day two. I'm learning more and more little things about Landesk.

Day 1

Mostly covered installation of Landesk , configuration of the Landesk agent , Managing Inventory covered some info on Intel Active management Technology but with this being so new we only covered how Landesk discovers the client , talked to some pre sales engineers and they to are just playing around with AMT on Lenovo desktops. Gavin our Landesk instructor informed us of AMT 2 which will have support for laptops.

Day 2

Maintaining software compliance blocking applications from launching also monitoring license usage , one thing which Landesk does not to unlike Keyserver
is monitor concurrent license usage ie 5 licenses and user 6 jumps in Landesk will let user 6 use a license.

Publishing reports was covered quite a handy tool if your boss comes up to you and ask for a break down on hardware stat's or how many licenses are in use how often the app was launch etc.

One cool thing which I learnt was the mailing function based on changes to clients PC's or Mac's so I'll be definitely setting this up when I get back to work. Covered remote control of devices ie remote file transfer , screen locking blah blah blah.