Monday, February 25, 2008

Back Home

Well after 2 weeks away it's good to be back home.

Spending the weekend in Sydney was awesome got to catch up with Toby & Sarah , went down to the Sydney Aquarium and also got a a peek of the QE2 which was a mother a of ship.

The Landesk/Internode consult went well hopefully the guys are a bit more comfortable and familar with the day to day tasks.

Big thanks to Glenn Butcher (Internode) and Gavin Stearnes (Landesk) for giving me the opportunity.

You can check out some of the pic's from up in the gallery.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Landesk Internode Consult Day 4

Ran into some performance issues with updating the previous installed Core 8.7 to 8.8. Performance of pushing out software distrubtion tasks took ages , and Vpro power on through additional console install's on Supports desktops did not work.

Seeing as this Core is inside a ESX Host the admin's here are able to create a new server quickly using a pre build template.

Will need to reinstall 8.8 from scratch and import software distrubtion/scripts jobs and redeploy agents , which also didn't had correctly configured permission for IT staff to operate.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Landesk Internode Consult

Day three of my 2 week visit at Internode in Adeliade to train and implment Landesk 8.8. So far no real isssues although we are having a few issues with some of the Nvidia ethernet drivers in WinPE.

Have tried using both Nvidia drivers as well the bundled drivers , and also ripped a copy of the .sys file from an exisiting WinXPSP2 installation , still no joy.

Today will see Mac agent deployment and also package distribution.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Google's Orginal hardware back in 1998

These are both 300 MHz Dual Pentium II Servers with 512MB of RAM. There are 9 9G drives between the two machines. The main search engine is running on these. These were donated by Intel.

This is an IBM donated F50 IBM RS6000 with 4 processors and 512MB of memory. It has 8 9G drives internal.

The left box has 3 9G drives, and there are 6 4G drives on the right (the original storage for Backrub). These are attached to our Sun Ultra II.

This is our faithful Sun Ultra II with dual 200MHz processors, and 256MB of RAM. This was the main machine for the original Backrub system.

The whole thing