Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Sydney Train Experience

And their is even a photo of me :)

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SNIA Training Day 4

Full on day today didn't end up finishing until 6.30pm.

Covered Replication "Snapshot's" , SMI-S , Data Protection (Backup's) , ILM. Got the three day's of the overview out of the way , now moving onto the Management side " Architecture & Design"

Found out how much the first exam was $320 (ouchh) don't know how much the second exam is going to cost hopefully not the same price :(

Brain overload big time today

Monday, March 12, 2007

SNIA Training Day 1

Well looks like I'm back in Sydney to do some more training didn't seem that long ago I was here for my Landesk Exam.

If you don't know what SNIA is it the the Storage Networking Industry Association. The good thing about this type of storage training is it's vendor independent , ie I'm not learning all about EMC or HDS expect From SNIA's own words

As a vendor-neutral trade organization, the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) works in conjunction with its members around the globe to make storage networking technologies understandable, simpler to implement, easier to manage, and recognized as a valued asset to business. The SNIA is dedicated to:

  • Driving future storage industry standards
  • Providing thought leadership and best practices
  • Developing comprehensive educational offerings throughout the world.

The actually course I am doing is SNIA (Storage Area Network Engineer) I have to exams to sit in order to get it. The training center is located on Syndey's North Shore , it's about a 10min walk from the Waverton train station.

I was actually surprise to find that I am the only one in the class fine by me , means I get all the attention and can ask as many stupid questions as I like. So far day one has just covered the basics about RAID , difference's between DAS , NAS , SAN.Types of disk & tiers of Storage.

The good thing about my trainer Russell is that he will tell me all the pro's and con's about the different storage vendors and because a consultant as well he's seen and implemented some nice setup's.

Can't wait until day 2